What You Should Know About Security Lights Uses

What You Should Know About Security Lights Uses

Homeowners have never been stingy in investing in the potential to protect and ensure the safety and well-being of their families. For those with independent housing or living in rural areas, Security lights with motion sensors are one of the most efficient and approachable security solutions for keeping families in peace.

Motion sensor security lights will light up once motion is detected and if you have chosen modules with the right brightness, it will cast a daylight-like beam to not just warn you about abnormal activities but also to scare intruders away. Yet these lights can do a lot more than that. The versatility and convenience of motion sensor security lights will bring you a whole new experience (if you haven’t used them already) and assure you a safe and sound sleep at night.

PART I. Applications of Motion Sensor Security Light

As mentioned above, motion sensor security lights can be applied to multiple scenarios. Some of the most commonly seen applications are listed below:

- To light up any outdoor area (even if there is no electricity!)

With a daylight bright motion sensor security light, such as the LEPOWER 4200lm one, you can see very well in those areas once was pitch dark. These motion sensor security lights can be installed on the garage to light up the driveway when you come back; on poles or fences to allow pedestrians to see the sidewalks, or in dark corners of yards to provide sufficient lighting.

What’s more, in places with no electricity, such as sheds, cabins, or storage units remote to the main house but really need lights to see, instead of carrying a flashlight, you can install a LEPOWER solar/battery powered motion sensor security light which will light up automatically when you approach and turn off when there is no more motion. Even though they may not provide light as bright as the wired ones, they are still bright enough for you to work under. And most importantly, they leave you completely hands-free!

- To warn about intruders at night

Besides just offering automated lighting, it will also reinforce the security of the house.

These lights will be triggered once there are critters or vandals trespassing onto your property at night to both warn you about the intrusions and to scare anyone with harmful intentions away. It may also alert other people who can see this light at late night that a possible evil-doer is in the neighborhood and enable them to be prepared as well.

- To use as automated lighting to look after pets & animals

In addition to being installed at your house, these motion sensor security lights are also very helpful for if you have a pet or animals to attend to.

These lights provide you with clear vision when your dogs or other pets go outside and into the yard at night, so you can check them out directly sitting inside from the windows.

They are also useful to be installed on the gate and inside chicken coops, barns, and other types of corrals to offer perfect lighting when they need to be attended to during the night.

- To complete surveillance system with cameras/CCTV

If you own an old type of security camera, doorbell, or CCTV with little to no night vision, these motion sensor security lights are able to work perfectly well with them together to build a strong security and surveillance system. Once motion is detected, the motion sensor security light will light up as a fill-in light for the cameras to see and record things better. After the motion stops the light will turn off and thus save energy for you.

PART II. Being Versatile and Fully Adjustable.

The motion sensor security light, besides being versatile, is very adjustable to meet your personal needs. Take the LEPOWER motion sensor security light as an example, it can be adjusted in the following aspects.

- Sensing distance

The sensing distance of the LP motion sensor security light is from 0 to 72ft. By setting the ideal sensing distance, the light can sense anything that comes up into your driveway but not the cars passing by the road in front to avoid shining light into those drivers’ eyes.

- Lighting direction

Security Lights usually have an adjustable light head for you to point the light to where you want. LP motion sensor security lights are equipped with 2 or 3 adjustable light heads. With these heads set to desired angles, you can cover a large area with only one light.

- Length of stay-on-time

It is also easy to set the stay-on time for motion sensor lights. This will determine how long the light stays on after detecting motion. You can adjust it according to the number of activities in the sensing area and utilize the light best. It is also energy-saving since the light will only stay on when it is needed instead of the whole night.

Install Your Motion Sensor Security Light Today!

The benefits of motion sensor security lights are numerous. Install theses lights today for your own convenience, to save energy, and to keep prowlers and thieves away from your home.

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