What Does Dimmable LED Meaning?

What Does Dimmable LED Meaning?

While most commonly seen lightings, such as ambient and task lighting, are primarily functional, more and more people start to value accent and decorative lighting not only to elevate the décor and atmosphere in the space but also as a beneficial choice both mentally and physically.

Everything you need to know about dimmable LED

It’s been a long time since designers began to use lighting to create and emphasize the ‘vibe’ in a certain area, for it is efficient, convenient, and has a sense of beauty in itself. As luminescent material develops and evolves, nowadays dimmable LED which can emit light of different brightness and color temperatures is the most widely used material to complete such task.

What does dimmable LED meaning?

A dimmable led is literally a light that can be dimmed, the brightness of LED light has a large dimmable range -- anywhere from 1% to 100%.  Dimmable LED lights have long been popular among homeowners because they offer several advantages, such as:

  • When it comes to creating a mood, dimmable light bulbs can instantly go from bright white to a mood-setting shadowy hue.
  • If saving energy is a priority, dimmable bulbs are just what you need. Energy consumption gets reduced considerably when light bulbs burn at a lower wattage.
  • Also, dimmable light bulbs typically last longer than non-dimmable ones. That’s because the less energy a bulb uses, the longer it lasts — simple!

How to choose Dimmable or non-dimmable lights?

If you have shopped for LED light bulbs, you would know they are available in both dimmable and non-dimmable variety. This information can be found on the packaging.

Keep in mind that non-dimmable ones aren’t going to work on a dimmer switch.

What kind of dimmable lamps you can choose?

LEPOWER offers several lamps with dimmer and Dimmable LED Lights to help you create mood lighting and save energy at same time.

Let's create a Eco-friendly life together!

LEPOWER Dimmable LED Light

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