6 Things You Should Know About PIR Montion Sensor Security Lights

6 Things You Should Know About PIR Montion Sensor Security Lights

Having a motion sensor light in your home isn’t just for protection against intruders. It can also make your home futuristic. Imagine having Batman as your personal bodyguard at home and workplace. He keeps an eye out for movements and threats when something moves within its field of vision. A motion sensor works similarly.

Especially Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Motion Detection Lights are more popular in the home and commercial settings as they are extremely sensitive and can detect movement even in very small objects. Not to mention that they are reasonably priced, easy to install, and restricted to a small range of coverage.


1.What We Talk About When We Talk About PIR Motion Sensor Lights?

PIR sensors measure the infrared light (or heat) radiating from objects in their field of view. They detect a change in radiation when something obvious happens: a person walking past, or a vehicle driving by.


2.How Do PIR Motion Sensor Lights Work?

Typically, the light will automatically turn on as soon as this sensor (also called an occupancy sensor) notices motion, and it turn off when the motion stops. If you’ve ever sat on a public toilet and the bathroom light suddenly turned off, you probably know what we’re talking about.

3.Are PIR Motion Sensor Lights a good idea?

Don't you just hate it when you accidentally slip in a dark area? Or when you have to take out the trash in the dark? Don't you feel hassle to fumble around your car looking for the tiny remote control to open the garage doors? Thankfully, you have motion sensors to save the day.
So definitely, it is worth it.
It can prevent accidental slips and falls when used as an entryway light.
It can deter lurkers and would-be criminals, and alert you to unwanted visitors when used as a yard light,
It can prevent car scratches when used as a driveway lighting.
It can provide the convenience of a well-lit exterior for nightly trash runs when used as corridor lighting.

4.Why Every Homeowner Should Invest in Motion Sensor Security Lights?

If there are some dark areas in your house like dark halls, porches, decks, and backyards. Making sure your family safely navigates through the most challenging spaces is always a top priority. One effective way is by investing in a motion sensor security Light.
If you like lights on front back sides of the house and the garage, you should buy them so you won't accidentally slip and waste too much time parking.
If you live on a farm but can't stand the frequent intrusion of small animals at night, a motion detection light will automatically light up when sensing their motions and deter them with sudden brightness.
If you have children, the elderly, and disabilities. A motion detection light will turn on auto when notice them, no touch is Required. So it is perfect for people who need extra help while navigating their homes ensuring they are safe and able to see around them.
If you always forget to turn off lights in parts of the house before going to bed, thus end up paying a fatter electricity bill, then use the motion sensor lights in places where you see fit as they turn off automatically when sensing no motions.

5.How to Turn the Motion Sensor Light On and Off When There is No Motion?

The problem with motion sensing outdoor lights is that a lot of them do not support manual override.
Actually, most motion detectors have a built-in override. You can rapid on/off twice within a second or so, then it will stay on until turned off. Next time you turn it on, it goes back to normal motion detect mode. But someone said it is possible that you'll damage the electronics by overriding the detector, the safe way to do this would be to use a relay.

6.Finally, you'd pay $100-$200 for an LED at one of the hardware stores just for lighting up the backyard?

I do not think so.

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