Scandinavian style — Simple and Enjoy

Scandinavian style — Simple and Enjoy

The heart of Scandinavian style is simplicity and beauty, characterized by aspects such as clean lines and few adornments. Instead of overwhelming a room with too many accents and decorations, the Scandinavian design philosophy is all about keeping things simple yet functional.

Much of the style is a reflection of the weather in the Nordic region (which includes countries such as Finland, Iceland, and Denmark as well as Sweden). The region’s long winters require its denizens to spend much of their time indoors — which is why there’s a focus on lots of well-lit spaces with a practical setup.

The climate also has a bearing on the color palette of Scandinavian design. The style favors bright hues like white or beige, with small bursts of color (often muted or pastel shades). Of course, shades like blush and gray-blue are among the most frequently used. Warm tan tones are also popular.It all comes down to making homes feel pleasant and welcoming during the long dark winters of Norway or Denmark.

Lighting is known as the life source of any Scandinavian interior design. With only seven daylight hours to spare in Winter months, Scandinavians spend a lot of time indoors during the long, dark Winter nights. Lighting is therefore incorporated into many aspects of Scandinavian interior design. The first important point is to allow natural lighting into the interior as much as possible. There’s an inclination towards windows to both brighten up a room and make it seem larger.

Natural light must be also complemented by modern lighting. Scandinavians rely heavily on modern lighting to light up their interiors . The same principles of Scandinavian design apply to Scandinavian lighting fixtures. Most Scandinavian modern lighting features a simple, neutral white aesthetic and the same clean lines found in Scandinavian furniture and homewares – therefore nothing too extravagant like crystal chandeliers here!

There are four main categories of modern lighting that can be used to compliment the Scandinavian interior design:

1.Scandinavian Pendant Lights

2.Scandinavian Wall Lights

3.Scandinavian Floor Lamps

4.Scandinavian Table Lamps

In Scandinavian style, low furniture and green plant are the element that be used most, deliver a kind of natural feeling. Wood always occupies a place in the soul of the style.

Live in Scandinavian this kind of simple, dinkum in the home, the mood can more stretch and freedom, the life also becomes to resemble breath so simple.Do you love the Scandinavian style?

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