1. Metal elements

    Metals will be used in more interesting ways and will be more popular than ever, but no more rose gold. Whether's it's gold, brass or blackened metals, they will be used in a lacy or massed ways. They will definitely be more interesting and designed in a more sculptural-based manner than in the past. There's a strong push towards art as function.

  2. Concrete accents

    Some may wonder why concrete has left the construction zone, yet 2019 will be the year it steps into many homes decor. Providing a crisp, clean look that’s easy to compliment Concrete isn’t just for countertops. Geometric concrete tiles will become increasingly popular and pair two of next years hottest design trends into one stylish piece.

  3. Custom carpets

    Custom-made carpet will be 2019 the popular trend that the home installs, pay attention to the union of traditional craft and contemporary design more, advocate whole space or the area that furniture concentrates all surround close, distinct, make whole space appears fashionable and delicate, the line of sight that lets a person and mood get infinite outspread.

  4. Color collision

    Though muted colors can help you avoid making spaces feel overwhelming, designers believe that 2019 will be a year where bolder colors are preferred. Richer hues throughout your home can make your more muted furnishings and decorative decor pop. Lookout for dramatic reds, statement pinks, bold yellows and organic greens.

  5. Pay more attention to soft outfit

    Know savour the person of the life, can realize the blank place that arrives home to change how to fill more through all sorts of art place will reveal the aesthetic feeling of household.

  6. Pay attention to contracted vogue feeling more.

    2019 interior design, will be more focused on creating a simple and smooth sense of space, whether the overall style or the number of soft outfit and its collocation, strive for simplicity, texture win.

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