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Lepower strip light
Space is like a human face, and it also needs “makeup”, and lighting is the most amazing makeup technique. The highest level of lighting design is not only to make the space look elegant and light, but also to highlight the layering of space.

In these magical "cosmetic techniques", the design of the LED strip light is the designer's favorite!  The appearance of the "LED strip light" increases the layering of the indoor environment, enriches the light environment, and gives the space a colorful and colorful visual effect. Let's look at the light design below!

1. LED strip light on ceiling

 The LED strip light on the ceiling can increase the layering of the top , and the combination of light and dark. It can also form a virtual and real contrast, the combination of dynamic and static effects.

2. LED strip light in the cabinet

A LED strip light in the cabinet, It can weaken the sense of closure and disobedience of the space. When opening the cabinet, It also does not affect the vision because of the darkness inside the cabinet.

3. LED strip light in the kitchen

Especially the kitchen wall cabinet should be designed with LED strip lights. It allows the cook to be safer when cutting vegetables and seasoning. With a bright field of view, The meals will be delicious.

4. Wall LED strip light

Designed with a combination of LED strips light and space in the living room, the bedroom wall, the stairs or the aisle, etc. That can render any temperament what you want.


5. Around the mirror in the bathroom

Add a circle of hidden lights, Outline the interesting geometry. It's easier to promote personality and highlight style.

6. Ground LED strip light

The LED strip light can also be used on the ground, making this small space looks layered. This soft and sleek light gives you a sense of security.

7. A LED strip light installed under the stair steps

Effectively solved the lighting problem in the stairwell in the dark.

In these design, the LED strip light can not only simplify lighting, but also decorate space.It is a master of concave shape,make the space be alive and dreamy.

Convenient installation makes it easy to switch between a variety of preset scenes, DIY colorful home atmosphere.

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