NEW RELEASE: Lepower SharkBite Eye-caring Clip-on Light

NEW RELEASE: Lepower SharkBite Eye-caring Clip-on Light

Usually, when we want to buy a lamp suitable for reading, we will focus on led desk lamps, bedside table lamps, and bedside floor lamps...Yes, they are very good choices.

But, imagine when you prefer to read in bed instead of sitting at your desk; when you read for a while and want to go straight to sleep but have to get out of bed to turn off the lights; when you just want to keep your reading area bright and when other corners of the room dark, you will need such a clip on reading light.

It is worth mentioning that the clip on light can not only be used to read books but also can be used in various places that you can't imagine. Today, we'd like to introduce this upgraded Lepower SharkBite Eye-caring Clip-on Light!

Are Clip-on Light a Good Idea?

The answer is yes! Due to its size flexibility and adjustability, it is very portable. You can use it almost anywhere and on any occasion.

If you are a resident student and live in a school dormitory, you can use it when you want light but your roommate needs the room to be dark so she can sleep. Truly the proletariat night light.

Put them on the headboard, if you are reading it does not disturb your sleeping husband (or dogs!) It is also perfect for nighttime knitting when you don’t want the light to wake everyone else up!

If the kids like to read in bed each night, but a lamp is too much light for the room for this and can't be placed close enough to her bed for her to power on and off by herself. A clip light is the perfect solution! Clamp it on the cylindrical bar or headboard, so she/he can turn it on and off without getting out of bed. It will double as a nightlight perfectly.

For a breastfeeding mother, it takes so much effort to get up and turn on the light at night, not to mention the hard light would wake baby up, making it harder to put her/him back to sleep. So a clip light is also perfect for breastfeeding and diaper changes at night. Different lighting settings to either make the light super strong or lighter. Very handy and made all of your lives easier.

A clip light will work well for places with limited space: the bookshelf dresser next to bed; perfect for illuminating the betta tank; use for zoom meetings to properly light your face; lighting up and makes the painting look more true to color; use to read the stationary bike's speedometer when the room is dark or to read a book while riding the bike; It is also the perfect size for my birds’ cage...

What are the Advantages of Lepower SharkBite Eye-caring Clip-on Light?

The minimalist clip-on lamp focuses and highlights with a bright light of up to 300lm, taking care of your eyes by being blue light hazard-free and non-flicker. The patented large clip is designed to be extra sturdy and cylindrical-friendly, tightly gripping anything while offering support for you to play with the light's 360° gooseneck. Also, it does not get hot during use.

Bites and Won't Let Go

The patented 2-inch open-width large SharkBite™ clip bites on anything from slippery surfaces to cylinder posts and will not let loose. Optimized mechanics, silicon inside, and round smooth edge will not scratch the surface. Also, it does not get hot during use.

Good For Look, Good For Eye

0 blue light hazard, no flicker; the light takes care of your eyes during daily use and surely causes no eyestrain or fatigue. Offering stepless dimming from 0% to 100% and 5 color temperatures to choose from, the max. 230lm clip-on light corresponds to your needs at ease.

The color rendering index of the LED clip-on light is above CRI 90. The color rendering effect is comparable to natural sunlight, and it can present the true colors of books and objects. It is perfect as a bedside lamp for users who like to read before going to bed.

Fun, Pliable, Sits Still

The Pliable Gooseneck, supported by the sturdy clip, can focus your light anywhere you want. The height and angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it is not easy to hang your head after a long time of use. The optimized mechanics prevents it from changing position during use once set. Power-off light color memory, auto keep the original light color and height after power off and turn on, no need to repeat adjustment.

The Reachable On-cord Controller

The switch is designed on the power line. Built-in timer, lets you enjoy your task and forget the light. A private night glow eliminates darkness and doesn't disturb the one sleeping next to you.

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