Which Solar Lights is Best for You?

Which Solar Lights is Best for You?

In the last article, you have already known what Bionic floodlight is. In this article, you will understand while Bionic floodlights and security lights have something in common, they also have some differences. Now,let’s have a look.

We will compare a Bionic flood light from Bell+ Howell with a solar motion security light from LEPOWER.

Product Image


Bionic Floodlight

 LEPOWER Solar Motion Light


Bell+ Howell





Item Weight

1.76 pounds

‎2.25 pounds

Product Dimensions

14.68 x 5.15 x 23.03 inches

8.8 x 13.9 x 5.8 inches

Power Source

‎Solar Powered

Solar Powered

Batteries Included?



Type of Bulb



Luminous Flux




Vertical mounting/ on a in-ground stake

Vertical mounting

Motion sensor?



Maximum Sensing Distance






Adjustable panels?



Special features

Motion Sensor

Strobe Mode


15Feet Longer Cable Length

Motion sensor range up to 72feet

Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel

3 Adjustable Heads

IP65 Waterproof, Energy Saving

At first, like Bionic floodlights, security lights are also used to protect your home security and property safety at night as well as brighten your house. As outdoor lighting fixtures, both of them are waterproof and can be against bad weather such as rain and snow. Multiple-angle adjustable heads allow them to cover a wider area.

Next, let’s talk about the differences.

The first difference is brightness. According to the form above, you can find that the LEPOWER LED flood light is 1600lm and the one from Bell+Howell is 500lm, which indicates that the former is brighter than the latter. Therefore, if you want to light up your yard, the Bionic floodlight is enough, but if you want to swim or BBQ party at night, maybe the security light can provide a clearer view for you.

Second, the Bionic flood light has a special mode, strobe mode, which can scare away intruders. The light will fast and continuously flicker when intruders get into its detection angle and then turn off after the motion stops. But this outdoor security light can be triggered and turned on for 10s-120s if any motion is detected. In this respect, maybe a Bionic floodlight is better for someone who lives in a place with less population.

Third, the maximum sensing distance of solar-powered flood light from LEPOWER and Bell+Howel is respectively 25ft and 72ft. So we can say LEPOWER security light is more sensitive and better safeguard your home. If your house with a big yard, maybe LEPOWER is your optimum choice.

Finally, except installed under the eave or on the wall, the Bionic security light can be installed on a stake in the ground, making your way back home more bright and offering more installation choices to you. But the LEPOWER flood light comes with a 15ft cable that can connect the light and the solar panel, a more flexible and user-friendly design to meet your installation needs.

Anyway, you can choose the security lights based on your lighting needs. What is suitable for your needs is the best.

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