How to choose right light for small living room?

How to choose right light for small living room?
The living room is one of the most important spaces in any house, the place where we gather as a family, where we host friends. 

There is not only the need for lighting, but also the need for space atmosphere.
In modern household idea, it is to need main lighting and supplementary lighting mutual interaction.

The living room's main lighting is the most appropriate with warm white light, droplight, absorb dome light is optimal, it can maintain whole space relaxed and natural, have enough illume range and brightness, tie-in assistant lamps and lanterns, for instance floor lamp, desk lamp, be in favor of form dimensional administrative levels stereo feeling.

Or use a variety of auxiliary lamps to undertake living room illume and collocation directly, let it have dimensional feeling more.

The most commonly used are floor lamps and table lamps.
Table lamps create a nice and cozy ambience in the living room. These are ideal for task lighting whilst brightening up the interiors.

Floor lamps add an interesting twist to the interiors of any living room. You are bound to find designs that can be utilized irrespective of the size of the room. These are suitable to add that glow of light in dark corners or even stand proud as a main design element.

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