Update your home for summer

Update your home for summer

If spring is a time for renewal, then summer is a time for simply enjoying your hard work. By prepping your home, you can shake out the dust and sluggishness of colder weather and love your space in a bright, new, airy way.
Summer is the perfect time to make some big changes to your interior and freshen up your home, and if you have a little bit of creativity, it’s possible to do some very nice things with limited resources.

1.Do a cleaning

Messy can make a home feel heavier than it really is. Just clean the surface of the home and let it ventilate.

Start by opening your window, remove all the blankets, and give the room a clean and tidy look.

2.Change the drapes

In order to get into the room better for the summer breeze, we need to remove the heavy curtains and replace them with gauzy,sheer curtains. Let the summer breeze flow through your room and let the air circulate, it is worth switching to pure curtains.

3.Think natural accessories

Bringing natural accessories into the home helps to enhance the color of the space, making it feel bright and airy. Try to bring some woven baskets to decor your living room. Bring natural wood elements such as cool wicker chair to illuminate your home.

4.Add green

Plants don’t only serve up a fresh outlook on decor; they actually make the air in your home cleaner

5.Change bedding

The bedding is changed to white or light blue to create a cool, refreshing atmosphere in your bedroom.

6.Add summer scents

One of the best ways to freshen up your home for the summer is simply bringing in summer scents. Whether you love the comfort of a candle or you prefer scented oils, summer scents can brighten up your mood — no matter the weather. Look for bright, clean scents like lemon and ocean.

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