How to choose lighting for your outdoor living space?

How to choose lighting for your outdoor living space?

The Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Lighting System

Regardless of the type of outdoor lighting system chosen, the benefits are numerous. Pathlights around walkways and driveways as well as fixtures over doors will prevent accidents and guide guests safely to your home. Security is also greatly enhanced by the installation of nighttime lighting. Intruders can be deterred from your home if lighting highlights areas they would trespass.

Because many people do not come home from work until it is already dark outside, landscape lighting affords them the ability to enjoy their yards, patios, gardens, and gazebos in the evening. Nighttime parties can be held outside, and children can safely enjoy playgrounds at night if they are well lit and supervised.

Outdoor Lighting Types

Landscape lighting that also named Decorative outdoor lighting refers to the use of outdoor illumination of private gardens and public landscapes; for the enhancement and purposes of safety, nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, security, recreation and sports, and social and event uses.

Make an impression on neighbors and guests with the addition of decorative outdoor lights and outdoor hanging lanterns for the front of the house. A simple swap-out of the light fixtures mounted at your front door can make a big difference. Choose from wide variety of lanterns and wall lights. With the right porch lights or patio lights, it’s easy to create a space that’s warm and inviting. Try decorative string lights or fun and functional deck lights.

Show off your garden with low voltage lighting, including flood lights, pathway lights or spotlights strategically placed around your home. Solar path lights are popular because they’re hassle free and easy to install. Not only do solar lights look great, when used as driveway lights or stair lights, they help keep homeowners and visitors safe.

Patio lights

Patio and arbor lighting is a specialized area of landscape lighting, and it can really showcase these central elements of home landscape design. People often use string lights to decorate the patio.

Wall lights

Wall lights are often used in hallways or corridors to provide both lighting and a point of interest in a long passage. Sconce height in a passageway is generally 3/4 of the distance up the wall as measured from the floor to the ceiling, and the distance between sconces on the wall is generally equal to the distance of the sconces from the floor, often alternating sides of the passageway. Sconces are typically installed in pairs or other multiple units to provide balance. They can be used to frame doorways or line a hallway.

Deck lights

When it comes to the exterior of your home one of the most popular ways to enhance your outdoor space is through the use of landscape lighting and deck lighting products.

If you are thinking of building a deck or you are looking to enhance the one you already have in your backyard, adding deck lighting in a variety of crucial areas can greatly improve the look of your outdoor space. In addition, you may want to consider adding path lighting to illuminate the pathway leading up to your deck. One great option is path lighting, which offers you a variety of high quality styles that are great for any type of outdoor application. By adding this type of lighting you will be able to highlight the landscaping that you have worked so hard to build.

Flood lights

Flood lights are the most popular type of lights and mostly used outdoors. The most common place, where people use flood lights is around the house. Flood lights are great outdoor lighting source and come in all sorts of sizes, from few watts to couple hundred watts.

Flood lights are great to illuminate dark areas around the house at night for comfort and security purposes. It is common to use flood lights to provide light for security cams in dark, or to scare unwanted persons and animals away from backyard. Many people use flood lights to illuminate doors at night. In this situation, flood lights with motion sensor are used. Besides individual usage around the house, flood lights are also used in much larger areas such as sports fields, streets, driveways, parking lots, indoor and outdoor arenas, etc.

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Security lights 

Security lighting is lighting that intended to deter or detect intrusions or other criminal activity on a piece of real property. It can also be used to increase a feeling of safety. Lighting is integral to crime prevention through environmental design.

For increased safety and peace of mind, consider installing security lights around your home’s exterior. You may decide to go with motion-sensing outdoor lights. When a motion sensor detects a considerable amount of heat radiation, which is present in people, animals and cars, it turns the lights on automatically. An administrator can preset the timer for the lights to stay on roughly within a 1-20 minute range. This function only works at night and during dark hours, saving you time and energy. Speaking of saving energy, consider outdoor LED lighting options. LED bulbs last longer and use less power than incandescent bulbs.

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