How do you light your space based on color temperature?

How do you light your space based on color temperature?

Color Temperature - With conventional lamps, choosing the “color of light” emitted by a lamp was not a choice that was generally made. With some LED products, there is a choice of colors, choosing a color will set the mood of your space.

The function attribute of each space is different, the lamplight illume way of the space and lamps and lanterns form also can correspond photograph is different.

Three types of light were created, distinguished by color temperature.


Although there is a whole spectrum, whites can generally be divided into warm white and cool white. Cool white LEDs tend to give you a cleaner look, perfect for modern kitchens and bathrooms.


At the far end of the spectrum you have daylight lamps. They make ideal Christmas lights and decorations, as they resemble ice and frost. These lights can be bordering a blue light. In homes, many people find these a little too 'clinical', and prefer to use warm LEDs or cool LEDs, as the light emitted by tend to be easier on the eye. 


While cool white look great in modern kitchens and where the brighter the better, warm white works much better where you are looking for softer light. It's particularly well suited to lounges, living rooms and traditional kitchen, like country styles, where the white light contrasts too much with the rest of the room.

The color temperature of a light source in a specific room or space may have a dramatic effect on the people using that particular lighting whether it is to perform a task, relax or learn. For this reason, choosing the right color temperature for a given application is of great importance.

The living room

The living room is the heart of the home and needs sufficient lighting range and brightness. Advocate the lamp is the most appropriate with warm white light, it can maintain the relaxed of whole space and nature, let a sitting room appear warmth with slight yellow light at the same time.

The bedroom

In our bedrooms, most of us want the atmosphere to be relaxed, calm, and peaceful. Avoiding blue light waves in the bedroom will keep your circadian rhythm from confusing the light in your bedroom with the natural light outside. So a warm light color temperature may be desired.

The dinning room

The dining room can be tricky as it should promote calm, but also keep family and guests attentive for conversing and eating. To achieve this, use accent lighting such as an over the table chandelier with a Warm White, and general lighting on the lower end of Cool White color temperatures. 

The home office

The home office is the area where business is conducted which requires attention, focus, and productivity so a Warm White color temperature may be desired.

The bathroom

Before we go to school or work, most of us get ready by looking in the bathroom mirror. Ideally, we want the lighting to come from around the mirror rather than on the ceiling. Using bright lights will ensure we don’t miss a spot shaving or mess up our makeup.

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