How to Choose Outdoor Security Lights?

Lepower outdoor security lights

4 Options for Outdoor Flood Lights

  1. Motion Activated Lights
  2. Dusk To Dawn Flood Lights
  3. A Hybrid Light That Do Both
  4. Manual Control Flood Lights

When do a home renovation, the quality motion sensor lighting is a must for those concerned with security and safety. 

Generally, some of the most beneficial applications for LED sensor lights include:

  • Security lighting.
  • Building perimeter, front entrance, and driveway lighting.
  • Meeting rooms, storerooms, and other back-office areas.
  • Corridors and lift lobbies.
  • Emergency lighting.

You Now Have 4 Choices in Flood Lights

Option 1:  Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion Activated Lights.

PIR sensors measure the infrared light (or heat) radiating from objects in their field of view. They detect a change in radiation when something obvious happens: like a person walking past, or a vehicle driving by. So they turn on automatically when they sense movement, and they turn off when the motion stops.

The problem with motion sensing outside lights is: many automatic flood lights with motion sensors DO NOT have a manual override. This means that you cannot turn the lights on and off when there is no motion.

Actually, most motion detectors have a built-in override, you can rapid on/off twice within a second or so, then it will stay on until turned off. next time you turn it on, it goes back to normal motion detect mode. But someone said it is possible that you'll damage the electronics by overriding the detector, the safe way to do this would be to use a relay.

motion detector lights

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Option 2:  Dusk To Dawn Flood Lights

The principle is Photo Electric (PE) light sensors. PE cells or sensors detect the amount of light in a given area. They are often used to switch lights on overnight at a certain light level (lux level). Dusk to dawn flood lights have a photocell that senses the sunlight. So they turn on automatically at dusk and turn off automatically at dawn. No more forgetting to turn the lights off!

And, dusk to dawn lights also have a manual override. Just cover the sensor with the silicone cap, then you can control them with a flip of the switch.  Assuming that you would never really want to do this – this flood light is perfect for saving energy and for having light when you need it.

dusk to dawn flood lights

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Option 3:  A Hybrid Light That Do Both Motion Sensing & Dusk To Dawn

This combo LED flood light option marries the best of both worlds as they have both a motion sensor and a photo cell (for dusk to dawn functionality), so they are become a popular choice when doing home renovation.

Lepower 42W 4200LM Dusk To Dawn Flood Lights with Motion Sensor is such Hybrid Flood Light, it has 3 lighting modes:

  • [Auto] Built-in Automatic PIR Sensor, will triggered by motion detector like moving people, animals and cars.
  • [Dim Light] Shine 700lm dim light at night when no motion is activated, fully lit 4200lm once motion is detected.
  • [Dusk to Dawn] Turn on at dusk, off at dawn automatically.

Click the picture to learn more about our 4200LM Dusk To Dawn Motion Sensor Flood Light .

Option 4:  Manual Control Flood Lights

Manually turn on / off by wall switch. No motion detectors or light detectors. Free to set how long it stays on.

Support wall mounting and eave mounting.

manual override flood lights

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Technology keeps changing!  Let's keep update!


With a variety of items to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a perfect Led flood light that fits your needs and looks how you want.
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